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1st Syringe: $700

2nd Syringe: $649


Summit Clinic, Champlin, MN Physician, Dr. Hussain is expert in providing to patients a long-lasting correction of facial folds, wrinkles, and other facial signs of aging. Radiesse is referred to as a “composite injectable”, because it has two main components: a smooth carrier gel and tiny spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CHA). The carrier gel is primarily made of a common food thickener, and CHA has long been used as a bone filler. The carrier gel is quickly absorbed by the body, while the CHA spheres are resistant to absorption. These actions in tandem generally provide patients that have the Radiesse procedure with the longer-term results. Once the carrier gel is absorbed, the body fills around the microspheres with collagen. Eventually, the spheres are absorbed as well, and after a year or so the results of Radiesse fade. Radiesse can be used to correct:

  • Facial hollows,
  • Facial folds including nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines or parentheses),
  • Hollow Cheeks,
  • Weak Chin, and
  • Low cheek bones.

Unlike BOTOX® injections, which work by paralyzing muscles, Radiesse works by filling in areas where fat has decreased or been displaced as a result of aging. The two treatments work well together to perform full facial rejuvenation.


  • Radiesse injections are non-surgical.
  • Radiesse injections are long lasting, approximately one year.
  • Radiesse injections usually require some local anesthetic.
  • Radiesse injections are reversible.

Post-Procedures for Radiesse Injections
You can return to work and most activities immediately following your Radiesse injections. Avoid extensive heat or sun exposure and massaging the treated area for the first few days following injection. Due to the fact that Radiesse is thicker than Juvederm, many people experience slightly greater discomfort and post-procedure swelling following Radiesse injections. Swelling will decrease quickly and will most likely last only a few days. Risks of Radiesse injections are very slight, although some people report allergic reactions and some lasting swelling or discomfort.